Saturday, April 12, 2014

Electronics City Sales This Week - TVs, Xbox Live, Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5

This week at Electronics City, there are tons of items that are marked up to 70% off the retail price, with products in the TV, Xbox 360, Xbox Live, Xbox One, unlocked iPhones, & home appliances including air conditioners, refrigerators, toasters & more. 

Xbox Live 12 Month Membership Card - $45.99

Xbox Live
Xbox One Membership is currently
$45.99 at Electronics City.
The Xbox Live 12-month membership card is available at low prices at Electronics City. Currently, the Xbox Live membership is marked down to $45.99, down from $59.99. The Xbox Live membership card allows gamers on Xbox One & Xbox 360 to connect to the internet as well as other gamers around the world to chat with & play against in Xbox 360 & Xbox One games.  

Xbox One Standard Edition - $409.99 (Down From $499) 

Xbox One Console
Xbox One Standard Edition.
The latest edition of the next generation of video game consoles is the new Xbox One. The Xbox One console features unprecedented graphics, the ability to operate your cable, blu-ray & other entertainment devices through the Xbox One console base. The system is available for $409.99, down from $499. 

Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5 Phone 

Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5
New Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5 Phone
available at Electronics City.

The new Samsung Galaxy S5 phone is available at Electronics City. The phone is sold unlocked & is available at the lowest prices online. 

Some of the new features of the Galaxy S5 include the KitKat Android 4.4 V2 Operating System, Krait 400 Quad-core operating processor, batter talk-time up to 21 hours, stand-by time up to 390 hours, 5.1 inch HD screen. 

Google Chromecast Streaming HDMI Player - $23.00, Down from $35

Google Chromecast
The Google Chromecast Media Player
is on sale for $23.00 at Electronics City.

The Google Chromecast media player allows for users to plug in a small USB player into your HDTV & stream shows from devices such as your smartphone, tablet, & laptop directly to your TV screen. The system supports Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus, WWE Network, Watch ESPN, YouTube, Pandora, Google Play, HBO Go & others. 

Sony Bravia DAV-DZ170 Home Theater System

Sony Bravia Home Theater System
Sony Bravia Home Theater Systems on sale at
Electronics City. 

The Sony Bravia name has become synonymous with outstanding technology & home entertainment excellence in their TV systems, & the home theater systems are no different. This Sony Bravia Home Theater system features 1000 watts of 5.1 Surround Sound, the ability to sync Bravia devices with one remote, digital cinema audio calibration for quick speaker setup, This theater system is on sale for $149.99, down from $229.99. 

Samsung UN65F7100 65-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV - Available for $2,199, down from $3,699

Samsung Smart 3DTV
Samsung Smart TV systems on sale at Electronics City.

Electronics City has the Samsung Smart UN65F7100 HDTV available for $2,199, down from $3,699, a sale of 41% off. This Samsung TV comes with 4 pairs of 3D glasses, along with the ability to connect to the internet via a wi-fi signal, which allows for viewers to watch programming on the internet, streaming content such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, HBOGo & much more. 

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Playstation 4 Deals This Week at Electronics City

At Electronics City, the store has great deals on many games, consoles & accessories for the Playstation 4 system, Sony's new next-generation system. 

Playstation 4
Playstation 4 console on sale
at Electronics City.

The Playstation 4 itself is currently available for $370, down from the $399 price tag. The system allows compatibility to play many PS4 games on the Playstation Vita console, Sony's handheld gaming system.

Electronics City also has many games that are on sale this week including the following - 

Call of Duty Ghosts - Find the latest edition of the popular COD franchise available for $33.49 while supplies last.  
Call of Duty
Call of Duty: Ghosts on Playstation 4.

FIFA 14 - The best soccer game on Earth & one of the most realistic games is currently on sale for 30% off, down to $31.99. 
Lionel Messi
FIFA 14 on Playstation 4. 

For more information on the different Playstation 4 games & consoles, check out 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Cisco Networking Hardware up to 80% off at Electronics City

Cisco is the dominant name in networking hardware solutions & software licensing for companies all over the world, & Electronics City currently has a variety of Cisco hardware & software solutions as much as 80% off of the retail price. 

Cisco solutions help companies stay connected within an office setting, a home-based setup & amongst clients & co-workers through keeping networks safe from internet attacks as well as keeping companies strong enough to have strong communication & sales to keep a company afloat in tough situations. 

For more information on Cisco solutions, please visit the Electronics City shop at 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

4K TVs up to 70% off at Electronics City

The Electronics City store has new 4K TVs up to 55% off for a limited time. Brands available in the markdown include Sony, Sharp, Seiki, Toshiba & Samsung

The 4K HD televisions are the next level of high-definition technology, 4x the resolution & pixels of the regular HD screen. The 4K systems give 8 million pixels while the regular HDTVs give 2 million. 

Samsung UN55F9000 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV is on sale
for 54% off at Electronics City. 

With the ultra HD screens, the TVs give a resolution, color contrast & sharpness that is just short of watching an event at the local movie theater. 

Many of the 4K TVs are also considered "smart TVs" in that the user is able to interact with others through applications such as Skype, browse the internet, watch various streaming applications such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, WWE Network, UFC & more. The smart TVs come with fitness apps, apps for food & content for children & families. 

Unlocked Apple iPhone 5 Systems up to 60% off at Electronics City

The popular Apple iPhone 5 systems are currently on sale for up to 60% off at the Electronics City store. 

Apple iPhone 5S
Apple iPhone 5S.

The store has hundreds of unlocked iPhones available in the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C models. All of the models are available in the 16GB, 32GB & 64GB versions. The phones features a strong 8MP camera, the ability to move into 4G LTE service, 1080HD video recording, the "Siri" service which is used as a digital organizer. 

With the unlocked phones, the systems can be transferred to any carrier of the owner's choosing including Sprint, Verizon, AT&T or others. 

Facebook Likes or Google Plus SEO?

The question has been asked quite a bit in the world of SEO in recent years – should a new website use Facebook or Google Plus for its SEO purposes? We will tackle this question today, however, if you are looking for Facebook Fan Page Likes or real Google Plus One votes, you can improve your website’s high ranking at the Electronics City store by filling out our contact us section for a quote. 

As for the actual SEO value, there is no question that having a page or product with a strong amount of Facebook Likes & Google Plus Ones will lead to your site having strong organic site rankings in Google, Yahoo & Bing. But is one more important than the other?
Facebook Likes
Are the Facebook Likes as important
in SEO now has in years past?
Facebook “likes” have been a strong source for SEO improvement for websites for years.
Facebook likes have been around for many years now, since the initial launch of the company earlier in the 2000′s, going all the way back to when Facebook was only available on college campuses. The likes have been a strong indicator of the overall strength of a website, thus helping it increase in visibility in the search engines. Facebook has also been the top social media website in the world since it came out and with having over 1 billion members online, Facebook has one of the strongest reaches online of any website on Earth.

Google Plus is a very new social media engine, as it has only been established since 2011. It has many of the same features as Facebook does, however it has been said that Google Plus Ones have a direct impact on search engines considering that the votes are coming from people who are using the actual Google search engine itself, allowing the website or webpage to gain higher authority in the search engines faster.
Google Plus
Google Plus has shown to be
a strong SEO tool at Electronics City.
Google Plus has become one of the most influential social media applications available. Its votes help to boost a websites or webpage’s SEO overall in the popular search engine.
The Google Plus service tends to reward users for following people using Google Circles, and having natural interactions with other Google users around the world and sharing quality content with other users, thus showing Google that the content is important and that people would be interested in reading about it.
Its very clear that judging from how websites get search engine visibility that social media shares are the way to go, but it looks as though that there really isn’t a clear winner in this debate……..Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter & other social media shares are all as important in getting your content available to the masses.

For more information, please contact us here on our new blog or at our store for more information as we begin the process of getting all of our information up for the future of SEO at our store. 

Alexa Rank Services Available at Electronics City

Electronics City is now offering a variety of Alexa SEO services available for your company's website. Alexa SEO has shown to be very important in the great scheme of being able to optimize your company's website in terms of making sure that your brand is seen by many people on a regular basis for the niche you are looking to rank for. 

Alexa Ranking

At Electronics City, we are able to rank your website based on country as well as globally, & can bring that ranking as high as into the top 1,000, which is considered the best of the best among websites around the world. Our rankings begin in the top 100,000 for a service. 

The Alexa ranking services take place over the span of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 month packages. 

The reason that the Alexa ranking is so critical to the success of a website is due to the relationship that Alexa has with the search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing. That alone makes a strong Alexa ranking worth putting effort into & making sure your brand is fully taken care of & that you are beating the competition with a good ranking. 

For more information on pricing, please visit the Electronics City store at 

Xbox One Titanfall Console 20% Off Today at Electronics City

Hello! Welcome to the revamped Electronics City blog, going back to our roots as an actual blog & store, with the blog being first. If you are looking for the store, you can find our expansive store at 

To launch our new setup, we have the Xbox One Titanfall console game bundle on sale for 15% off today. The Xbox One is the newest next-gen console available by Microsoft & it allows for gaming, watching regular television through outlets compatible for cable & satellite services, watching Netflix, Hulu Plus, WWE Network (this summer), Skype, UFC, Nickelodeon, & other top quality streaming services. 

Xbox One Titanfall
The Xbox One Titanfall Bundle is on sale at Electronics

The Xbox One also comes with the new Xbox Kinect system attached to the console itself, which is different from the older Xbox Kinect that was originally introduced on the Xbox 360 console. The Kinect allows for gamers to use motion to control & play their games, thus gaining great exercise while being able to have fun playing their favorite games. The Kinect is also key in using the Skype features & various features that use face-to-face technology. 

Xbox One
The standard Xbox One is on sale for 30% off at
Electronics City today.

For those looking for just the standard Xbox One, the console itself is on sale for 30% off at $350, down from its regular price of $499.99. With the standard edition, the system comes with the Forza 5 racing game. 

For more information, please visit our Electronics City store at & also visit our store on Google Plus & Facebook. 


Monday, December 16, 2013

Electronics City - Could Netflix Eventually Eliminate the Blu-ray?

You know someone who has it. You probably use it or uses someone's account for it. You most likely have figured it is amazing for date nights. 


Netflix has become one of the most popular brands in the world, first with the system of having DVDs sent in the mail through a monthly subscription service. The DVDs would be sent back through a package sent out with the movie or TV show to the customer, & the user could rent out another movie & the cycle would continue. 

Netflix is the most popular online movie streaming service
in the world. 

Over time, Netflix developed its streaming online service that allows for many TV series & movies to be shown on smart TVs, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, cell phones, tablets, & a variety of other devices. Netflix has slowly been phasing out the DVD rental service in favor of the streaming service, & the results have been strong. 

The company has begun to develop their own original series, Orange is the New Black, Hemlock Grove, & House of Cards - all which have received wide praise overall. 

Overtime, many people tend to go towards Netflix even over purchasing a series or a movie on DVD & Blu-ray. Most DVDs & Blu-ray discs range from $15 to over $100 for a massive set. On Netflix, unlimited seasons of a show are available for only $9.95 per month, & can add up to 5 users on one single account. 

While DVDs & blu-rays still remain the #1 source of revenues for movies & TV series, the question has to be asked of how long will that last with the rise in popularity of instant streaming content? So far in 2013, Netflix reported revenues of over 1.1 billion dollars worldwide, & with so many popular series available on Netflix including Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Family Guy, Parks & Recreation, among thousands of other titles, Netflix continues to gain steam as a viable option for a night in with family & friends as opposed to spending money on DVDs, blu-rays or even going to the movie theaters. 

When it comes to the social side of things, Netflix has become the ultimate date night idea, in my humble opinion. Having the option of curling up with a special someone, having some dinner & having a night of someone's favorite show is far more interesting than not being able to chat or stop a movie at the movie theaters, not to mention, movie theaters cost about $40 for a full night including movie, popcorn, drink, etc. 

As time goes on, people will go more towards instant gratification in their entertainment, & unless the price of the blu-rays & DVDs come down, the way of the future of entertainment will be streaming media, & Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video & others will be at the head of the class. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Electronics City - Why is the Nintendo Wii U Not Comparing To The Xbox One, Playstation 4

When the Nintendo Wii U came out last year, it was met with a ton of optimism from gamers & non-gamers alike who enjoyed its predecessor, the Nintendo Wii. 

The Wii allowed gamers to get up & exercise, while being able to play their favorite games, thus staying in shape & having a great gaming adventure, not to mention being very popular at parties. 

Nintendo Wii U
The Nintendo Wii U - 32GB Version.

When the Wii U finally hit the stands, people that I knew were a bit confused on how everything worked with it in terms of the handheld device that allows you to have a different look of the screen as opposed to looking actually at the screen itself. 

While the hardcore gamers will talk about the graphics & a bunch of stuff that the casual gamer like yours truly probably won't know or care about, the biggest reason for the downfall of the Wii U is because many gamers had already gotten word about the upcoming Playstation 4 & Xbox One consoles that would come out the following year - in 2013. 

With the economy still working itself out and people rethinking how they spent their money, the Wii U appealed basically to the hardcore Nintendo fans who knew that there would be some kind of Super Mario reincarnation coming out, which still does awesome to this very day. It didn't have the features that will keep non-gamers using the system, outside of the Netflix & Hulu Plus. Many users use their game consoles for so many things other than playing video games, particularly with the cost of cable & satellite steadily increasing by the day, & the Wii U doesn't appeal to that group at the present time. 

The Wii U, according to a market research report that was sent to IGN, has only done 25% off the sales of the Nintendo Wii, which just went over 100 million consoles sold worldwide. While those numbers are nothing to laugh at, my guess is that there were far higher hopes from Nintendo with this unit, with no direct competition from Microsoft & Sony. 

Nintendo has become a niche video game product, more than ever before, but from a business standpoint, there is still so much money to be made in that area due to one thing - Mario. That will keep this company a float for a while - but Nintendo has to hope that the Mario luster never goes away. If so, it could be a long road back to prominence for the famed company. 

Electronics City - Amazon offering AmazonFresh Grocery Delivery Service

Ahh yes, my favorite company on Earth, seriously, is Amazon. This is not to talk about the greatness of the company at all - ok, well maybe it is. 

The company announced this week that the company will begin delivering groceries in the San Francisco area, after success in Los Angeles & in Seattle, its founding city. If it is successful, this service will go all across the United States - without question. The project is called AmazonFresh.

The store already offers grocery & food products for delivery through a variety of companies at low prices, but with having its own distribution service, without question, it will put more pressure on Kroger, Meijer & Wal-mart to become better with understanding the needs of people who either live in major metropolitan cities like New York, or who live in very rural areas - many people can't always get to the grocery stores for either lack of transportation or distance from their homes. 

Here is the catch - in San Francisco, the service is available for a 30-day free trial, after that period, the consumer will have to sign up for the PrimeFresh system, which will cost $299 per year as a membership. 

Looking at the Amazon Fresh website, it looks as though they get foods from Los Angeles, San Francisco & Seattle-based restaurants, as well. 

If this is the case, this will completely change the game for good in online shopping. Amazon was already strong in shopping for groceries, this would expand its strength tenfold. For as much as people do go out & spend money at dinner & go to the grocery store for the week, to have many of those products at marked down prices through Amazon will, in theory, provide financial relief for thousands of people in the west coast. 

One of the biggest complaints of people when they are at the grocery stores is that items are costing more than ever, not as fresh, etc. Not that I am an expert or anything, but if Amazon is as diligent about this AmazonFresh system as they are about all of the other products the website sells at low prices, the major grocery chains need to keep their head on a swivel because Amazon is coming faster than Ray Lewis on a quarterback blitz. 

For more information, you can check out our section at the Electronics City blog -, or the Electronics City store.